SG Market

An international financial center city in Southeast Asia
Singapore is a city-state located in the "heart" of the Asia-Pacific region. With its highly developed financial market, excellent wealth and asset management software and hardware, stable currency, free and developed trade, talent and information circulation, Favored by rich people all over the world.
Familiar Singapore listed companies
In the Singapore market, there are many well-known companies that we are familiar with, such as:
Wilmar International , its well-known commercial brand is Arowana holdings, which produces "1:1:1" blended oil, Arowana;
CapitaLand, whose well-known commercial project brand is Raffles, currently has multiple Raffles Plazas in Mainland China, each of which is a landmark building in its own city;
DBS Bank is one of the largest financial services groups in Asia. In terms of total assets, DBS Group is the largest bank in Singapore and one of the leading banks in Hong Kong.
Numerous non-local Asian listed companies
As of the end of September 2019, SGX has 734 listed companies with a total market value of 661 billion US dollars. Among them, the market value of non-Singapore local companies is as high as 43%, including many high-quality listed companies in the Asia-Pacific region such as Southeast Asia and South Asia, multinational groups, and 100 companies. Many companies from mainland China.
Asia's second largest and most international REITs market
Singapore's distinctive real estate investment trusts and real estate trust sector are also known for their high dividend payout ratio and low volatility, which provide steady investors with a steady stream of long-term cash flow. Many properties in Mainland China and Hong Kong belong to these REITs listed in Singapore.