HK Market

Internal and external

As an international financial center, Hong Kong is a capital market connecting the Mainland and the world. Many mainland Chinese companies are listed on the Hong Kong market to absorb international capital; many international investors invest in the Hong Kong market and share the fruits of China's economic development.

Real estate and finance account for a large proportion

Hong Kong's local economy is dominated by real estate and finance, and many powerful local real estate companies and financial institutions have already landed in the local capital market. After the return of Hong Kong, many mainland financial institutions and real estate companies also chose to list in Hong Kong. Therefore, compared with other major capital markets, the structure of the Hong Kong market has a large proportion of real estate companies and financial companies.

Internet companies, technology companies are gradually catching up

With the rapid development and growth of Internet companies and technology companies in Mainland China, after Tencent, more and more Mainland Internet companies have come to Hong Kong for listing, such as SMIC, Xiaomi, Alibaba Health, Meituan Dianping, and Alibaba. Baba, Jingdong, Kuaishou, etc. Internet companies and technology companies account for an increasing proportion of the Hong Kong market. After Nasdaq, the Hong Kong market is expected to become the next gathering place for many technology companies and Internet companies.