HK IPO Pre-subscription Rules
  1. You can lock in your IPO quota in advance by submitting a “Pre-order” before the official IPO. The system will automatically create a “Subscription Order” for the same amount after the official IPO begins.
  2. The funds will be locked after the “Subscription Order” is created in the official offering, rather than after the successful placement of the “Pre-order”. The “Subscription Order” cannot be canceled after it is created.
  3. No handling fee will be charged for “Pre-order”, but subscription fees and bank financing interest will be charged according to the IPO subscription rules after “Subscription Order” is created.
  4. “Pre-order” refers to bank financing subscription by appointment: Longbridge bank financing “Up to 20 times leverage” is subject to availability. Some popular stocks may have quota restrictions, while some other stocks may not support bank financing.
  5. If the platform cannot allocate successfully due to insufficient cash value of the user’s account, existing subscription orders, or because the financing amount is less than 1 lot, etc., the “subscription order” cannot be created and the subscription fails. Users can pay attention to the subsequent opening of the quota and subscribe by themselves.
  6. If you do not have sufficient HKD cash in your account, HKD debit financing will be incurred and financing interest will start to be calculated on a daily basis after the “Subscription Order” is created.
  7. Longbridge will make reasonable allocations based on the amount of financing quota obtained but cannot ensure that all orders will be allocated when the quota is insufficient.
  8. IPO listing may be postponed or canceled. For prepaid subscription orders, the financing interest and subscription fees charged will not be refunded.
  9. Please consider the risks carefully before subscribing, as IPO stock prices may go up or down on the first day of trading.
  10. Please refer to the “IPO Subscription FAQs” for more information about IPO subscription such as subscription fees, fund deduction, and refund.